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historyOur company, Russell Associates is a training, testing, inspections  and management systems company specializing in helping companies like yours in the food, agribusiness, and general industries, grow and realize a positive return on their investment. Our approach can result in better trained employees, reduced risk, lower costs, and improved ROI.

Our team is comprised of experienced and successful business professionals, curriculum designers, educators, writers, programmers, and graphic designers. We adhere to a high personal and business code of ethics, providing the most precise, practical, impartial technical and professional assistance available.

Russell Associates was one of the first companies to use authoring software tools to develop computer-based learning to teach production skills for a number of large corporations, including Pioneer Hybrid, Land O'Lakes Purina Feed, Control Data Corporation, 3M, Best Buy, Watkins Incorporated, Supersweet Feeds, Hormel Foods Corporation, Consolidated Nutrition, and others.

We are successful in our approach to training because we understand the industries and the people with whom we work. Our focus is primarily on the manufacturing, agriculture, and food industries. Our approach to understanding the client's needs and developing solutions to meet those needs is a result of over 30 years experience in training, education, and distant learning technologies.

In addition to helping clients succeed through creative, innovative and unique approaches to training and education, Russell Associates is committed to delivering cost-effective, efficient, effective, cutting edge products and services.

Not content to bask in our past successes, Russell Associates continues to be a driving force in the industry.  Our products include:

intRAtrain™ LMSintRAtrain™ Custom
intRAtrain™ Safety
intRAtrain™ Food Safety
intRAtrain™ Blended Learning
intRAtrain™ Library

and a full range of professional services including sales tools, incentive managment services, surveys, assessments and consulting

Our success is evidenced by our track record and the fact that we have maintained close working relationships with clients for over 30 years.

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