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Aligning Your Agronomy Business


"How do we structure and position our agronomy business model, sales model, and sales positions to align with the needs and expectations of growers who are expanding acres, while continuing to maintain strong relationships with our current customers who are primarily traditional growers?”
Rethinking your Agronomy Business... If Not?

Challenges are facing the agronomy industry. It is critical to evaluate, rethink, and align your business to meet those challenges.  Significant business may be lost if appropriate changes are not made. 

Consider the following three specific strategies that are critical to grow your business.
Three Segments

Grower Segmentation: 
Typically, there are 3 grower segments: Traditional, Progressive, and Transactional. The Progressive grower segment makes ROI type decisions, is willing to try new products and services, and wants customized solutions at competitive pricing. It is important to target much of the time and effort towards the segment.

Data-Driven Decisions:
Growers have so much more to deal with these days, from markets to regulations and having to spend more time figuring out how to make a profit, or more accurately, how to avoid a loss. With that, they need or demand better data-driven digital technology insights to help them make better decisions on each of their fields. They need more than "creating pretty maps" of data to more insightful recommendations drawn from the data.

The progressive segment, and especially younger growers, want timely digital communications on crop input planning and in-season crop conditions, (text messaging, web site, emails, etc.). As an example, texting to a grower (or post on YouTube) a 2-minute video, weekly on current crop conditions (in the field), builds that trusted-advisor status.  Using digital communications at times can be a very efficient use of time for your growers too.

There are significant consequences to your agronomy business if no adjustments and actions are taken. Doing nothing today may force doing something even more painful in the future. 

There are Five Key Actions we believe are necessary to minimize erosion of sales and profits and to position your agronomy businesses for growth and prosperity in the future.

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Using Digital Technology to make Data-Driven Decisions - Action 4 Coming Soon!
Sales Team Alignment, Development and Coaching- Action 5 Coming Soon!

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