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Food Industry

 Food WorkersWhen it comes to food, most of us tend to envision a family gathered around the dinner table, friends enjoying a meal in a restaurant, or a quick dart into a fast food joint to grab some lunch.  The consumer relies on and trusts the food industry to have food available when they want it.  It is not without great effort however, that producers and processors of food make sure of its safe, reliable availability.

Today’s consumer not only demands that food be available when, and how they want it, but also that it be safe.  To that effect, food safety regulations mandate that all who produce food that makes its way to the marketplace follow certain rules.  Ethically, of course, this is the right thing to do.  Making it happen becomes another challenge in and of itself.

Russell Associates is committed to providing food processors with the right kind of training in order to make sure all due diligence is followed.  Everyone knows that training employees can be a challenge.  That is why we have gathered the right resources to help our clients meet the challenges required to train their employees.  

We have served clients large and small in the food industry, working to find the right solution to meet their need.  Using a consultative process, we work hard to understand the unique needs of every client.  Whether it is standard food safety, OSHA training, or a custom -developed solution, Russell Associates has the right resources.

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