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Customer Engagement Platform

What are the major challenges you are facing in educating, influencing, and motivating target audiences in your company’s internal and external channels?

Does your team have the tools and resources needed to:
  • Create content that is engaging and relevant to the problems your products/services solve?
  • Connect customers/channel partners with the information, when they want and need it?
  • Manage the channel experience, while tracking participation to engage the audience and reach goals?
  • Build momentum to increase interest, drive sales and improve margins and ROI.

Do you have a new product? Promotion? Company initiative? How about a sustainable product line that needs a boost? Whether the product, system or company is new, refreshed or stable the goal is typically the same to create and manage the education and influencing of the audience through continuous messaging.

Russell Associates intRAtrain has an integrated engagement platform (Kademi) that creates a unified and consistent experience throughout the sales and channel engagement process.

Whether we are educating and influencing your sales team, channel partners, or engaging the end user, we now have a unified platform that has the ability to engage, track, measure and reward behaviors all along the sales process.

The answer is simple. Customer engagement platforms product results, but who is the ideal user?

If you are an organization that has a product, service or experience that is being sold to customers online, in person, via a sales channel, or through a distributor channel, you are a great candidate for a customer/ channel engagement platform.

The ability to customize the solution for the different channel partners makes the solutions one that works well for many parts of the organization including internal sales reps, external sales rep, technical staff, distributors, and customers (end-users).

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