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Mteam-of-workersanufacturing involves many moving parts and ensuring all the moving parts are moving in cohesion is a critical, but difficult task to achieve.  The general public often forgets how difficult it can be to safely produce the products they use daily.  Companies must consider all aspects of the process from the raw materials they are using to the safety of the consumer after the product as left the door; plus everything in between. 

Consumer's demand safe and reliable products are manufactures are able to deliver.  This starts with ensuring the right product is used and the right equipment is on hand.  Once these are in place employees must receive the critical training on the machines and processes to to make sure all due diligence is followed.  Everyone knows that training employees can be a challenge.  That is why we have gathered the right resources to help our clients meet the challenges required to train their employees. 

In additional to custom training, we have provided manufactures of all sizes basic skills and knowledge training in a variety of forms including eLearning, classroom training materials, blended learning, training manuals, workbooks, and skills advancement tests.  We are committed with providing manufactures with the right kind of training to ensure they meet their production needs while also providing a safe work environment. 

We have served manufacturing clients large and small, working to find the right solution to meet their need.  Using a consultative process, we work hard to understand the unique needs of every client.  Whether it is skills testing, incentive programs, safety training, or a custom-developed solution, Russell Associates has the right resources.

In addition to our training capabilities, we also have helped our clients save thousands of dollars through the use of an automated system for their inspections, audits and observations.  We have found that many companies are struggling to capture, record, and manage the date collected from equipment and facility preventive maintenance inspections, safety hazard inspections and audits. We have developed and offer a unique software product designed to mobilize the data collection, transfer and management process called inspectiTRAC.  We invite you to visit our sister site to learn more.

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