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intRAtrain™ Safety Features & Benefits

intRAtrain™ Safety is training geared to individual and group learning that helps modify employee behavior and practices directly related to the safe operation of facilities and equipment. With intRAtrain™ Safety, you are taking a proactive approach to safety risk management. You are creating a safety-first culture with your employees and a focus on workplace safety. Most courses are also available in Spanish.

intRAtrain™ Safety training is available 24/7. It is efficient and cost-effective. It can result in:
• Better trained employees
• Improved and safe work practices
• Increased productivity
• Safer workers
• Reduced risk
• Lower costs
• Increased morale
• Defensible training records
• And much, much more

If it is important to you – if it is important to your employees and their families to improve workplace and occupational safety and eliminate unsafe practices and accidents – intRAtrain™ Safety is the solution!

If you are looking for food safety training, be sure to check out our intRAtrain™ Food Safety library.


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