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Custom developed e-based training delivered as eLearning, facilitator-led blended learning, and mobile learning makes sense and saves time and money. Processes and procedures can be demonstrated and simulated; interactions improve learner engagement, learning takes place in a “safe” environment and productivity is immediate.

e-Based training Content is educationally engineered to accomplish specific objectives. The concept starts with the basics, having learners advance through progressively more complex subject matter in easy-to-understand modules.

intRAtrain™ Custom is deliverable as stand-alone computer-based training, facilitator-led blended learning, mobile learning, or a combination of methods. It is designed to actively engage all the senses in the learning process. When more of the senses are engaged, information is absorbed more rapidly. Thus, audio, text, video, graphics, and animation are applied appropriately. Using this approach, combined with modern learning strategies of education and interactive tutorial and testing, can result in training in half the time of traditional instructor-led or text-based programs while retention is increased by 75% or more.

Your information is thoroughly researched to ensure accuracy and presented in terminology that is appropriate for the business/industry and the learner’s reading skill level. The modules are designed to effectively and efficiently deliver training using appropriate audio, visual and interactive experience that produces measurable results. Content can also be translated into other languages, as needed.

Learners appreciate this training because it allows them to be productive faster, they learn the policies and procedures specific to the company quicker, and they learn their job skills better. intRAtrain™ Custom training greatly reduces downtime; plus, it is always available for refresher training.

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