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Channel Enagement Overview

Customer/Channel experince is defined as the sum of all interactions that occurs between an organization and their customer or channel members, creating a journey from the initial consideration of a product or service, right through to making a purchase and beyond. A critical part of this experince is engagement. 

The customer journey exists both online and offline and stems across B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) channels. The intRAtrain Audience engagement platform / customer experience system that helps manage the journey.

It helps your team:
  • Manage the flow of information via multiple communication / information to audiences in a streamlined journey while managing and tracking the impact.
  • Delivers consistency to distributor network, to sales team, and end users journey of information influence and education
  • Ties multiple assets together to create journeys of engagement, influencing and experience based on how channel / customer receives and consumes the communication/ information
  • Drive sales team learning and engagement experience and impacting sales result.
  • And more.
The challenges that organizations face today in what has become a globalized economy is how to compete, where price-points and features vary little, there is more choice than ever before, and customers have become less forgiving and loyal.

These challenges can be easily addressed when organizations become customer centric and starts to focus on the experience first, one that delights their customers at every tough point, setting them apart from a competitor.

A customer enagement platform should include many tools and resources options that allow each channel/ customer journey to be customized. The intRAtrain experience, in partnership with Kademi, includes application components designed to create a unique experience in an easy-to-use and manage system.

The applications are designed to help manage:
  • Content- Training, blog, landing pages, promotions
  • Marketing Tools—Web content, send emails, manage communications
  • CRM/Sales- Segment contacts/customers
  • Incentives- Loyalty and incentive tools, online store, fulfillment tools
  • Feedback- Promotions, feedback, customer responses
  • Reports-Dashboards, performance metrics, results, feedback, surveys, segmentation

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