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intRAtrain™ Library Features & Benefits

intRAtrain Library courses are a great way to get your employees the information they need without requiring them to carve out large chunks of training time.  intRAtrain Library is a great choice because:

  • Modules are affordable and easily accessible.
  • Modules are available with flexible packaging of individual courses, bundles, or the complete Library.
  • Learning can be customized to meet your specific needs. Choose what works best for you and your situation.   

intRAtrain Library courses are unique because they contain the following design elements.

Development Happens on the Job- Research shows that 70% of development happens on the job, and the intRAtrain Library modules help the learner apply skills on-the-job through step by step instructions.  The step by step instructions help give organization leaders confidence that the learner can take the knowledge they learned and apply that knowledge to on-the-job situations.  

Chucked Learning- Some call it granular, others call it chunked.  They mean the same thing – learners want short learning courses.  Study after study shows that taking in information in small bite sized chunks leads to increased learner retention.  The market has been recognizing this trend  for shorter and shorter learning courses and have shortened e-learning courses from 4 hours courses less than 90 minutes intRAtrain Library takes this trend to the next step to meet the demands of learners.

Video-  As technology use expands, employees are become more familiar with learning new information by watching videos.  They do this in their personal life and expect they will have the opportunity to do the same on the job.  All courses start with a short instructional video with step by step instructions on how to apply on the job.  Additionally, the videos are in high definition for a better learner experience and don’t use Flash making them capable for almost all devices.

Optimized for the mobile learner- The intRAtrain Library courses are designed to give learners the flexibility to determine when, where, and how they want to develop and build their skills. The learning content is optimized to be used not only on computers and tablets but also all hand held devices.  Additionally, small bite sized videos fit the mobile learners’ requirement of not having to complete long courses on their hand held device.

intrRAtrain Library courses are bundled into learning topics, but custom bundles can be created.  Additionally learning tracks are available that contain more than one bundle of courses.  Learning tracks are a great way for learners to get an in-depth learning experience.   Within each bundle and learning track, courses are also sequenced to allow learners to complete the module in the preferred sequence.

Employees can take 10 minutes each week and continue down their learning path.  This allows learning to continue throughout the year versus forcing them to comprehend large chunks of info in a short period of time.  The courses give your employees the info they want, when they want it, at a reasonable price.  If the idea of this type of learning is interesting, please feel free to request a demo of these modules.

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