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Sales Tools - When critical decisions have to be made, wouldn't it be great to have a tool that made the job easier and helped ensure the best decision is made? Sales Tools are aids that help standardize and ensure the correct use, recommendations, and outcomes for technical and complex processes. That means to explain complex information or demonstrate difficult processes, Russell Associates can develop the tools to "make the complicated seem simple".
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Consulting - Knowledge, skills, and experience in various industries at all levels allows Russell Associates staff to share their expertise on a consulting basis as a service to our many clients. Consultants can bring a fresh perspective to a situation. We are not biased and can remain independent and objective in our evaluation and recommendations. We can also provide expertise that may not be available internally. No matter what the need or issue, Russell Associates uses a "hands-on" approach with personnel to develop recommendations on a sound, factual basis.
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Surveys and Assessments - It is often essential that companies identify performance gaps that are impacting results. Surveys and Assessments are tools that can identify gaps and reveal opportunities for improvement. Our surveys and assessments are customizable to gather the exact data and information you want and need. Well-designed and customized surveys and assessments are excellent tools to identify strengths and weaknesses and to initiate positive change in performance, thus providing the best return on investment
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Incentive Services / Programs – These are services and programs that focus on the achievement of specific goals, objectives, and activities, leading to behavior modification and positive results. Incentives have been used successfully to motivate and reward a sales force, reward personnel for achieving a higher level of productivity, and to reduce accidents and incidents by working safely.
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