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intRAtrain™ LMS Features & Benefits

intRAtrain™ LMS manages and administers eLearning and classroom training and records documentation. This means all types of training and training records (both eLearning and classroom-administered) are stored and can be accessed easily online by both students and administrators.

Features Benefits
Quick Set-Up Rapid/Easy implementation
Easy to use and navigate Reduces/eliminates user frustration.

Reduces learning curve.
Students can access their own individualized learning plan.

Ability to assign training to individuals, groups, or locations

Simplifies training assignment.
Allows assignment to the desired target audience

Customized curriculum development Targets learning by position & competencies.
Measurement of employee progress Ideal for linking performance of key business metrics to training.
Organization hierarchy allows up to 15 levels within a company Allows the right people to have access to the right information.
Tests, tracks, and records performance/progress Tests to validate training effectiveness and comprehension. Provides records for compliance and documentation of training completion.
Provides standard and custom reports Easy access to student completion records, test results, etc., in order to manage and analyze who is in/out of compliance with their training requirements.
Internal Messaging, Email Notifications, and Chat Forum Allows students to be informed and stay informed.
Certificate creator Provides tangible recognition of training completion.
Manages and administers classroom training and hands-on student demonstration of skills Allows all types of training & training records (both e-learning & classroom-administered learning) to be stored on one data base for access by students and management.
Branding options for companies and consultants Customizable to company identification. Allows consultants to market products and services under their own brand.
 Certification creation and management  Allows for easy management and viewing of learner certifications for safety, machines, positions and more

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