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Accidents, injuries, and product recalls are expensive, but they can be avoided. If you are looking for employee safety training for OSHA and general safety topics including fork trucks, ladders, PPE and more, intRAtrain™ Safety has the content you’re seeking.

There is no guarantee employees will do what is “right” and what is “safe” all of the time. But, with intRAtrain™ Safety training you are providing employees with the safety training tools and knowledge to make the “right” choices and decisions to work safely.

intRAtrain™ Safety is a library of online, facilitator led, and blended learning safety training courses that focuses on employee health and safety performance by influencing and standardizing employee actions, behaviors, and practices to reduce accidents and incidents. It’s not easy to a put a price-tag on safety, but accidents and injuries cost thousands of dollars and non-compliance with regulations and certifications is costly.

intRAtrain™ Safety is an investment in your company, but equally important, it is an investment in your employees and their families. The interactive and engaging modules provide a comprehensive and credible method to ensure your employees are always up to date with their safety training. The courses are very flexible and affordable which allows them to easily meet your company’s specific needs. They can also be customized to meet your specific requirements.

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