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Keys of Safety Features and Benefits

Russell Associates tools, resources and management systems are a turn-key safety system including…  
  • Keys Of Safety Assessment / Audit
    • Assessment and Audit will review the current safety program components to determine areas for improvement
  • Employee Safety Training
    • Training provides the basic knowledge of the safety issues and concerns making employees more risk aware.  Training is available in a variety of methods including online, classroom or blended learning.  
  • Training Documentation
    • Results of employee training/development are managed in an online system designed for ease-of-access to results and data.
  • Behavior-Based Safety Observation Program
    • Behavior observations help engage the employee in the process and provide a level of ownership in the safety program.
  • Safety Hazard Inspection and Audit Management Software
    • Software for data collection, tracking and data management including score carding and reporting of results of audits, inspections and observations
  • Corrective Action Management Tool
    • Response and resolutions of failures discovered during observations, inspections and audits is critical.
    • Allows for easy monitoring and assignment of corrective actions resulting
  • Proactive Safety Incentive Program
    • Take a proactive versus reactive approach to reducing the direct and indirect costs of accidents and incidents.
    • Motivate and influence employee behaviors and practices to accomplish objectives.

These services are available through intRAtrain, our sister company inspectiTRAC, and our team of talented partners. 

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Keys of Safety Information

Safety Consultation Evaluation

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