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intRAtrain™ Food Safety Features & Benefits

intRAtrain™ Food Safety is training geared to individual and group learning. The highly visual, interactive training modules, designed by training experts with years of experience in the food industry, were developed to effectively and efficiently modify employee behavior and practices directly related to food safety and quality. If you’re looking for food processor food safety & security, GMP’s, cleaning and sanitation training, HACCP training for operators or managers, or food safety training for food handlers or food managers, intRAtrain™ Food Safety has the content you’re seeking.

intRAtrain™ Food Safety training is comprehensive, credible, cost-effective, customizable and available 24/7. It can result in:
• Products that are both safe and high quality
• Reduced exposure and risk
• Satisfied customers
• Better trained food production and food service workers
• Improved food safety practices
• Defensible training records, and much, much more
intRAtrain™ Food Safety is an investment in your company, but equally important, it is an investment in your employees, your customers, and your consumers.

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