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intRAtrain™ Management Platform for Animal Caretaker Training is revolutionizing the way animal producers conduct Training, Testing, and Documentation with employees.

 iMPACT for Swine:impact logo

  • Reduces Training Variability
  • Makes Training Available Online
  • Permanently documents all training records
  • Enables observation of employee competency
  • Provides remote auditing capabilities
  • Increases Learning Retention
  • Raises Accountability

Custom Options are available to EVERY farm!!

Producers around the country, have noticed one thing in common when it comes to training: documentation could be A LOT easier!

At present, many operations store training records using paper-based mechanisms.  When audits must be conducted, or training records must collected - producers scramble to compile their paper based documentation.  Time is wasted gathering data, and unnecessary bio-security issues are raised when materials must be taken to or from a site.  iMPACT for Swine now alleviates these challenges - giving you training and employee observation stored centrally, accessible across your organization - in minutes.

As an added feature to iMPACT for Swine - employee observations, safety inspections, environmental inspections, and more can be conducted and stored digitally.  Files are stored centrally, and issues are brought to the attention of management quickly and easily.



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