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intRAtrain™ BLS Course Catalog

intRAtrain™ Blended Learning Solutions Course Catalog

Series 1- Achieve Self- Mastery
Series 2- Achieve Interpersonal Mastery
Series 3- Achieve Unit Excellence (Leader/Manager)
Series 4- Enable High Performing Teams (Leader/Member)
Series 5- Ensure Organizational Excellence (Executive)

Series 1- Achieve Self Masterybacktotop

101 Act with Purpose (Visioning)
102 Set Goals to Manage Conflicting Priorities
103 Master Your Time
104 Thrive on Change
105 Make Great Decisions
106 Solve Everyday Problems
107 Think Outside of the Lines
108 Thrive at Work
109 Act with Ethics and Integrity
110 Master Essential Business Math
111 Motivate Yourself
112 Act Safely in the Work Environment
113 Take Charge of Your Career
114 Be a Successful Team Member
115 Master Essential Business Finance
116 Support Process Redesign (Performer)
117 Prevent On-the-Job Harassment
118 Overcome Stress
119 Build Your Self-Esteem
120 Position Your Career Skills

Series 2- Achieve Interpersonal Masterybacktotop

201 Prepare for Great Relationships
202 Build Great Relationships
203 Network Yourself
204 Build Great Relationships at Work
205 Confront Others Effectively
206 Value Diversity & the Contributions of Others
207 Overcome Difficult Behaviors


211 Practice the Science of Great Communication
212 Listen Actively to Really Hear
213 Persuade and Influence Others
214 Present Like a Pro
215 Assert Your Needs
216 Give Constructive Feedback
217 Keep Your Boss Informed
218 Ask Others for Help
219 Conduct Win-Win Negotiations
220 Master Essential Business Writing
221 Deliver Great Customer Service
222 Sell Through Needs & Relationships
223 Master Style-Based Selling
224 Master the Telephone
225 Master Sales Negotiations

Series 3- Unit Excllence (Leader/Manager)



301 Transition Successfully to Management
302 Achieve Results Through Leadership
303 Apply the Principles of Employment Law
304 Master the X-Factors of Human Performance
305 Establish Performance Expectations/Standards
306 Hire for Critical Competencies
307 Provide Clear Work Direction (Delegation)
308 Develop Performer Job Competencies
309 Give Interim Performance Feedback
310 Provide Real-Time Communication & Data
311 Motivate Through Clear Consequences
312 Conduct an Effective Performance Conference
313 Identify True Performance Barriers
314 Coach for Enhanced Performance
315 Correct Negative Performance Behaviors
316 Remove Work System Performance Barriers
317 Plan for Enhanced Performance (Planning)
318 Assist Performers in Their Career
319 Manage a Great Sales Team


320 Manage Workplace Change
321 Develop Creativity & Innovation in Others
322 Resolve Employee Conflict
323 Create a Positive Work Environment
324 Manage a Diverse Workplace
325 Build a Great Work Unit Team
326 Master Participative Management
327 Deploy Process Redesign
328 Maximize Employee Engagement

Series 4- Enable High Performing Teams (Leader/Member)



401 Launch a Great Team
402 Make Effective Team Decisions
403 Solve Everyday Team Problems
404 Lead Effective Meetings
405 Develop Team Members
406 Resolve Team Conflict
407 Keep the Team on Track
408 Build a Great Team
409 Facilitate Great Teams
410 Facilitate Teams Through Challenging Times
411 Sponsor a Great Team


420 Master the Basics of Great Project Mgmt
421 Manage Great Projects
422 Manage the Complex Project
423 Lead Successful Project Teams


431 Practice the Principles of Process Redesign
432 Master the M.e.TR.I.C.™ PR Roadmaps
433 Master PR Tools & Techniques
435 Collect & Measure Customer Satisfaction Data
436 Map and Document Work Systems
438 Handle Data With Ease

Series 5- Enable High Performing Teams (Leader/Member)


501 Master Strategic Planning & Thinking (Mgmt
502 Develop Business Plans That Achieve Results
503 Develop Unit Operational Plans and Budgets
504 Make Strategic Decisions
505 Establish Actionable Performance Measures
506 Lead Strategic (Transformational) Change
507 Create a Culture of Excellence
508 Apply the Science of Systems Thinking
509 Communicate Strategically
510 Manage Strategic Alliances
511 Network the Corporation
512 Clarify the Role of the Board
513 Prepare for the Malcolm Baldrige Award
514 Deploy High Performing/Self-Directed Teams
515 Overcome Organizational Conflict
516 Manage Effectively Across Functions
517 Master Strategic & Systemic Innovation
518 Position Your Product or Service

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