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Our History

Russell Associates was started in 1980 by William Russell and Jeanne Doheny. What began with two people in a two room office building has grown into a formidable, high tech company that brings solutions to meet the needs of small business and large corporations.

historyWith the inception of the first authoring tools, the Company designed and programmed some of the first computer based interactive training (CBIT) programs. Russell Associates had the foresight to recognize CBIT as the training delivery system of the future that would have long-term staying power. Russell Associates stayed on the cutting edge of development and as the market for CBIT matured, the Company was ahead of the game. CBIT became the focus of the business.

As the business matured, additional and complimentary products and services were added, including in-house voice recording, video services, translation capabilities, expanded writing services and creative design and complex animation.

In 2008, the Company was sold to Jerry and Dean Van Oort. Jerry had been the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Russell Associates prior to the sale. Today, he is the president and CEO of the company and oversees the sales and marketing efforts, in addition to other responsibilities. Dean supports the business as a silent partner.

In 2011 the company developed inspectiTRAC™, a data collection and management system that mobilizes the collection, management and storage of regulatory data which provides clients nation-wide with an 80% reduction in employee labor to complete inspections, audits and observations.

With the success of inspectiTRAC™ and presence in a new industry segment, Russell Associates found itself with a unique challenge. Training systems and training development is the cornerstone of our company. After the development of inspectiTRAC™ and it's development as its own brand it only made sense to develop a separate yet complementary brand for our training systems; that is where the intRAtrain™ brand came from The intRAtrain™ name was developed to stand for interactive Russell Associates training

The intRAtrain™ brand will include the following products and services:

In 2013 in conjuction with the new intRAtrain™ brand was a new logo.  The new logo features a partial circle which depicts several concepts, including tree rings to represent growth and digital “bits” to represent technology. The broken circle is completed with the intRAtrain name. The “RA” is highlighted in blue bold capital letters as a symbolic gesture back to the roots of company, Russell Associates. The company’s mission of helping companies grow people and improve processes is reflected in the logo. 

CEO Van Oort commented in 2013, "The logo is very technical in nature. The missing pieces and segmentation of the circular flow is representative of companies missing a critical component of their business needs. Our mission as a company is to analyze potential training, development and inspection-related gaps and needs for companies and develop solutions. We want to be the company that fills the gaps. I am thrilled we include our roots in the logo with the “RA” completing the logo. We can’t succeed in the future without remembering where we have been."

Russell Associates continues to grow as we expand our products and services by providing innovative, creative, and effective solutions to meet client needs. As our mission states "We help our clients develop people and improve processes by providing technology-based systems as solutions to business needs."

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