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A Better Answer Safety Incentive Program
Hannehan Logistics Safety Training Program
Hydrite Chemical Safety Training Sales Analysis & Proposal Tool
ProdCast Video Presentation Skill-Based Pay Program
  Blended Learning Training

A Better Answerbacktotop

Dee Hawkins, President of A Better Answer Call Centers

We talked with Dee Hawkins, and several members of the company’s sales team. They told us about their experiences with the sales training that is part of Russell Associates’ Core Content Library.


Hannehan Logisticsbacktotop

We introduce you to Joseph Hannehan, president and founder of "Hannehan Logistics" and his Training Manager, Gil Jones. For illustrative purposes, the company is fictional; however the training dilemmas they face are very real and very common. Watch and listen as they ponder how to effectively train a high volume of employees dispersed over several locations. The problems they solve may be your own!

Part 1


Part 2


Hydrite Chemical Safety Trainingbacktotop

Leo Bohanon, Director of Technology

Russell Associates developed chemical safety training for Hyrdrite customers to teach them the correct and safe use of Hydrite Chemical Products.


ProdCast Video Presentationbacktotop 

Suzanne Peterson and Dan Moran of Land O’Lakes Purina Feed.

Land O’Lakes Purina Feed was looking for a fresh new approach to launch a new product and support their sales staff. Russell Associates worked with them to create the “ProdCast”; short, fast-paced video presentations that can be streamed, downloaded, or viewed from a CD.


Safety Incentive Programbacktotop

Kris Girard, Human Resources Manager for Omnium; a division of WinField Solutions.

Omnium needed a greater focus on safety, through reward, rather than punitive action. Russell Associates helped them develop an incentive-based safety program that was part of their overall company focus on safety.


Safety Training Programbacktotop

Wade Roseth, Certified Industrial Hygienist for Minnesota Power.

Russell Associates assisted Minnesota Power in creating custom safety training for their employees and contractors.

Sales Analysis and Proposal Toolbacktotop

Larry VanRoekel, Director of marketing for Land O'Lakes Animal Milk products.

Land O'Lakes Animal Milk division created a new product and asked Russell Associates to create a tool to help the sales people "better tell the story".


 Skill-Based Pay Programbacktotop

Wally Tippin, Senior Technical Training Specialist for Northern Natural Gas.

Northern Natural Gas began a project to update their skill-based pay program. They used Russell Associates consulting services to help with the content, structure, and editing of the new program.


 Blended Learning Trainingbacktotop

Gary Gardner, Former Vice President of Human Resources for Valspar.

Russell Associates designed and delivered a blended learning approach to teach Valspar employees the skills and knowledge to overcome language barriers and consistently produce high quality products in a manufacturing environment.